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The Random Website Machine

What is Random Website Machine?

How often do you find yourself bored and looking on the internet for something interesting? Have you ever wondered how to discover new websites? That's where the Random Website Machine can help and entertain you. It lets you explore the web by taking you to a completely random website. Just click the Random Website button, start killing time and discover new websites!

Click on the link below and will take you to a random website (links open in a new window).

On top of having some fun with discovering random websites, you will find number of things here - and all of them are pretty random!

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No naughty stuff

There are no adult websites in our Random Website database and this site is meant to be family safe so you can use it without worrying about anything distasteful popping up on your screen.

Dice roller

This widget allows you to roll virtual dice.

Did you know...?

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